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Individual Therapy


I am able to offer single session therapy, or work with clients longer term.

An initial session to see if I am the right person for you costs £40, further sessions are £70 for 50 minutes. 

A single session costs £150 which includes a 90 minute session, and a follow up session up to three months later.

Sessions are paid for in advance.

I am currently not taking on new therapy clients until April 2024.

For remote art therapy sessions we will use materials freely available to you in the first instance.

For longer term clients ( more than 8 sessions) I can send you an art pack of materials.

How I work

I am trained as an Art Psychotherapist, where a client is able to use art in a session to help with talking about their difficulties and to gain more meaning than may be found through talking alone.

I have also worked for the past 12 years with the student population, whose needs are often time focused. They don't always have the luxury, or psychological space to enter into a reflective relationship to think about their deeper concerns.


This has developed my personal style of working that suits my personality, in line with my training and works well for the clients I support. I work with the approach that I may only meet you once. For a number of reasons some people don't return for a second session of support, and so if I only have this one session to help you, I think about  how I can help you find the internal resources that will enable you to make the first step of a longer journey that you may take alone.


I aim to support you to get unstuck with difficulties in your life. I also try not to be too serious. I have found in the past that a lot of therapists and counsellors behave differently in the therapy room, which aims to be neutral (because of what they have learned in their training/theories) but the result for many clients is that they find this way of interacting unnerving and possibly pretentious, and they don't know how to interact.


I try to bring more of myself into the therapy and supervision space. This doesn't mean I will tell you about my problems, or overload you with information about me - the space is still meant to be yours! - but I will bring my own experiences into the conversation where asked, and will allow you to get to know the real me. I also like to think I bring humour, where appropriate into the session, as humour is well known to be a helpful mechanism for us to manage the hardest parts of being a human.

I would describe my approach as integrative, which means that I use all the training and theory that I think will fit your circumstances best, and I am able to be adaptable and flexible to meet your needs.

I have had previous clients tell me that I have a compassionate no nonsense approach. I like this summary that suggests I am working with you in a kind way, but am not going to shy away from being straight talking.

I work particularly well with people who are not sure about having counselling or therapy because I am open to exploring with you what approach and support may be most useful for you. I am open to you asking questions not only about my approach, but also that of other counsellors, and external services.​

Single session therapy may be useful if you have a particular problem and want to be able to talk it through in confidence to try and become unstuck, and develop a plan for your emotional wellbeing. If you have a number of difficulties in your life that are impacting on you, or want a space for reflection and longer term personal development you may find longer term therapy more helpful.

Client group specialisms

  • I am trained in CATT in addition to Art Therapy and can offer this to children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. 

  • I have worked for a number of years in Higher Education and understand the needs of a student population.

  • I have research expertise in the needs of fathers, and can offer a tailored intervention designed for dads.

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